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Market Research and Business Intelligence – Dubai and Beyond

Market research is a key aspect of any strategic decision making process that aims to be grounded in timely, relevant and trustworthy information. Operating across a range of sectors and industries, Panaly Consulting, a market research company in Dubai, utilizes both quantitative and qualitative market research tools to assist companies in the gathering of market data.

As a boutique market research and advisory company, Panaly Consulting differentiates itself from other research companies in Dubai through its ability to work closely with the client, and to truly understand and anticipate their needs in a unique and personalized manner. Based on the individual client’s objectives, the consultants at Panaly will design tailor-made methodologies aimed at gathering reliable and high-quality market intelligence.

Market Research Firm

With over 10 years of experience in the UAE and GCC, we are one of the more established market research companies in Dubai, enabling us to utilize the right tools to navigate available information channels and efficiently obtain reliable data that will aid you in making key strategic decisions. Some of these tools include:

Panaly also distinguishes itself from other marketing research companies in Dubai by specializing in gathering data that is not always easy to obtain especially given the opaque information channels that sometimes characterize the region, all whilst upholding the strictest standards of honesty, transparency and discretion.

Building on more than a decade of UAE and GCC experience along with expertise across a wide range of sectors (luxury retail, automotive, travel and leisure, hospitality, F&B, retail, etc.), Panaly’s team is able to assist with aspects such as:

  • Brand awareness
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Competitors
  • Market trends
  • Market potential, size and opportunities
  • Potential demand
  • Forecasted supply
  • Optimal locations for business setups
  • Risks and threats
  • Evaluation of existing operations
  • Business’s macro-environment
  • Sector analysis
  • Product testing

Our Services

Over the years, Panaly has worked with a range of clients, from small or upcoming business start-ups to semi-government entities to large multinational corporations. Regardless of the scale of the project, our team maintains the highest level of professionalism and dedication, along with a strict commitment to working within agreed timelines.

Given that each project operates on a custom and tailor-made basis, this timeliness (and fees) of course vary according to the size of the project and the nature of the scope of work. The team at Panaly Consulting is uncompromising in their standards of quality and has the capabilities to handle projects of all sizes and timelines.