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Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail

You have a product or service that you think is different from the rest, and you cannot wait to get it out to market. Although entrepreneurs are generally known for being more open to risk and relying largely on their instinct, it is important to step back for at least a moment and cast an objective or even critical eye on your business idea.

Reaching the Hard-to-Reach: Conducting Research in the Luxury Segment

Dubai often makes headline news across the world for a multitude of reasons. Whether it’s in relation to being home to the world’s tallest building or selling the world’s most expensive coffee, it goes without saying that Dubai, along with much of the GCC, is synonymous with luxury and affluence.

The Value of Mystery Shopping: From Luxury to FMCG and Beyond

In 2014, the UAE’s luxury goods market was estimated to be worth USD 8.98 billion, fueled by spending from residents as well as tourists. Despite the sector having seen considerable growth over the years, ongoing economic and political concerns across the region are making luxury a harder sell than before.

Crossroads in Market Research: The Traditional v Contemporary Debate

Social media is taking the world by storm and the Arab region is no exception to this. Market research firms are increasingly adopting alternative market research methods that are able to capitalize on these large and active networks that industry stakeholders are beginning to question whether the more traditional forms of market research (face to face interviews

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