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Without data you're
just another person
with an opinion.

Malcolm S. Forbes

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to collect and analyze reliable business intelligence can serve as a unique competitive advantage. Such data can be generated either from within the organization (for instance, through the evaluation of existing operations or employee satisfaction surveys) or alternatively, collected from outside sources (such as macro-environmental analysis, market trend analysis, potential demand and supply forecasting, brand awareness, product testing, optimal location for business set-up analysis, etc.)  

Leveraging over 10 years of experience within the UAE and GCC markets, the multilingual business intelligence team at Panaly Consulting has considerable expertise in gathering hard-to-get information. This is especially important considering the opaque nature of businesses operating in the GCC region. Over the years, our business intelligence services have been designed and refined to help our clients gain deeper insights, take critical decisions with confidence and ultimately minimize risk. 

In order to assist in the gathering of market data and business intelligence, Panaly has a number of tools at its disposal. Having successfully completed projects across a range of industries (from luxury to automotive to F&B, amongst others), the team has the ability to formulate and recommend research plans that not only fit with a range of goals, but also a range of budgets.

Some of the tools utilized by Panaly include:

Mystery Shopping Mystery Shopping
Surveys Surveys
In-depth Interviews In-depth Interviews
Focus Groups Focus Groups
Desktop Research Desktop Research

Panaly views each client as a unique entity with its own individual strengths, weaknesses, goals and objectives. As such, it offers tailor made solutions in order to ensure the information gathered is relevant, timely and beneficial. Regardless of whether you are a start-up or an established firm, Panaly’s business intelligence services can assist in the making of decisions that are grounded in data, and the subsequent navigation of successful outcomes to further drive businesses forward.

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