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Business Plan - Dubai and Beyond

Feasibility studies and business plans are typically conducted in the early stages of a potential business venture. Whereas feasibility studies focus on the viability of a potential project or venture, business plans tend to focus on marketing strategies and growth plans for the business in accordance with a number of goals.

Much like feasibility studies, business plans also serve as a useful tool as they encourage entrepreneurs to adopt a mid to long-term view of the business and formulate appropriate strategies to mitigate risk and increase the chances of sustainable success.

The team at Panaly Consulting has considerable experience in crafting business plans for Dubai, UAE or GCC ventures (and beyond). Whether the business plan is being prepared for internal or external purposes, Panaly is able to structure the report in accordance with the necessary requirements.

Case Study


A Lebanese family business involved in the retail and hospitality sectors


Following several years of operation in Abu Dhabi, the client was eager to expand the business to Dubai.


A preliminary company health check was conducted for the business, highlighting the most profitable and least profitable entities. This was followed by the formulation of a business plan, providing insight into general market trends and characteristics, competitors, location analyses, along medium-term marketing and financial strategies to help improve the chances of success during its expansion phase.

The report has since been used to secure retail space in one of Dubai’s malls as well as secure external funding for the expansion.

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