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In-depth interviews in Dubai and Beyond

In-depth interviews, a form of qualitative research, involve one-on-one interviews with targeted individuals to understand their opinions, needs, preferences, demands or expectations.

The advantage of qualitative interviews lies in that one can extract richer information and feedback as opposed to surveys, which are more structured. Face-to-face interviews in particular, have the added advantage of incorporating facial and non-verbal cues.

The team at Panaly Consulting has experience in conducting in-depth interviews across different industries (from luxury retail, travel and leisure, to automotive and facilities management, etc.) dealing with individuals of all levels of seniority.

Case Study


A leading airline with operations around the globe


In a bid to increase its market share, the client wanted to gain deeper insight into the different types of airline passengers across the world.


Following the final selection of 13 countries across the Middle East, Europe, North America and Africa, over 200 in-depth interviews were conducted with international travelers according to preselected criteria (age, income, nationality, etc.).

Panaly Consulting developed the discussion guide, along with the recruitment and interviewing of the respondents. With each interview lasting between 30 minutes to an hour, the recorded findings were summarized and subsequently analyzed to produce different travel personas.

The development of nine travel personas across the 13 countries have since been used in marketing and communication activities along with service training.

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