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Mystery Shopping Services

The customer’s perception is your reality.

Kate Zabriskie

Whether your company is looking to take preventative or remedial action, mystery shopping can help you better understand as well as exceed consumer expectations.

By understanding your objectives and goals, we can tailor our mystery shopping services to allow you to understand exactly what is happening at your outlets across the UAE, GCC and beyond.

Through our database of mystery shoppers in Dubai, UAE, GCC and Middle East that includes individuals of different ages, nationalities and social backgrounds, we have successfully carried out mystery shopping assignments not only in the UAE and the GCC but also in other Middle Eastern countries, South Africa and India.


Our access to a network of high net worth individuals distinguishes us from other mystery shopping companies in Dubai and also provides us with the advantage of effectively and believably mystery shopping luxury establishments.

Our mystery shopping services cover a diverse range of sectors and operations including hotels, retail outlets, airports, universities, schools, restaurants, automotive dealerships and salons.

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